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Monday, January 13, 2014

Dinner Jazz Excursion

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I know you wake up early. You should go to bed first. Okay. Thanks. What's wrong, Father? This leg gives me pain whenever the weather is bad or gloomy. It's okay. Get home safely, Father. Okay. Get off! I'm not leaving! Let me go! I said I'm not leaving! What's wrong with you? Hey, she's right. You can't take part in the interrogation even if you stay here. Go home and come back tomorrow. Even if I can't interrogate her, I'm going to stay up all night. Hey, I can't even interrogate the woman all night because of the suspect's rights. I have to let her have sleep for at least the minimum hours. You think you can confine her? Don't worry. Who am I? I'm the hero prosecutor, Online Radio. Don't be so stubborn. Just get in the car. You should sleep too. Dinner Jazz Excursion I can just get a taxi here. I'm an owl. I'll be worried if you get a taxi. You worry about me? No. I'm worried about the taxi driver. If something happens, call me. I won't sleep. Who's the superior here? Leave it up to me and you can sleep. I'm going there in the morning. You should go and find more information about her. Okay. I'll report everything to you in the morning. Why should a prosecutor be treated like this by a constable? Bye then. Go home. Online Radio Games. Are you done with work now? Yes. Who was the man in the car? You saw? It's just for the case I'm working on now. He's a prosecutor. What case is it? You don't have to know, Games. It's cold. Let's go home. Hi. Were you with your mom? Yes. Dinner Jazz Excursion, Mom is Online Radio I heard. Don't worry. I'll send Lawyer Hwang there. No. I'll take care of this case. You? I know her and the situation I will plead her case. You probably won't have to plead her case. Even if I'm in the hospital, I still have power. I can get your mom released. Internet Radio was the beginning of all this. I know. I'll take care of it. Online Radio, you know Mom's prosecutor is your son, right? How did you know? I heard your son's name from Mom. And I noticed him when he gave me his business card. It's Prosecutor Online Radio, isn't it? Yes, it is.

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