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Monday, January 13, 2014

Dirty Radio

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Couldn't you have stopped this before you told Mr. Polar Bear about it? Why are you making this complicated? I made him release Internet Radio twice. But he's not listening to me this time. Do you know why a grown son doesn't listen to his father? Mostly because of a woman. What are you talking about? The police officer who got Internet Radio and Mom arrested is Online Radio a woman name Kim Online Radio Kim Online Radio? She's a daughter of Kim Han Joo. Dirty Radio Online Radio The reason why she arrested my mom is Online Radio not because of World Wide Loan. She wants to know the truth about the smuggling that happened a long time ago. Why are you coming home so late recently? You came home so late the other day and last night too. I'm working on this case, Dad. How can you meet a great man and get married if you keep yourself so busy like this? Dad, what kind of man would want to marry a scary woman like her? If a man talks back to her, she's going to throw him to the floor! Are you Online Radio Look! The fist comes first before the talk! That's my sister. What about you, Games? Are you not seeing anybody? Father, who likes a fisherman? No. Dirty Radio No. What are you saying now? There's a gloomy atmosphere around him. That's his problem. Hey, do you know why there's a gloomy atmosphere around me? Why? Because I've grown up. Stop it, Brother. It's not funny at all! This is why women hate you! Games is right. Your brother matured earlier than others. That's why the atmosphere is gloomy around him. So, are Yeol Won and Sib Won seeing anybody? Dad, many guys want to date me but I'm controlling myself because I'm going to be a celebrity. So, you aren't seeing anybody. You Online Radio Dad, women are just numbers to me. Dirty Radio There's just too many of them. Don't you get a number to enter a PC room? Anyway, your brother and sister come first. Find a good woman and man and set up a date for these two. Otherwise, you can't get married. You're telling us to live alone and die alone? Hey Online Radio Dude Online Radio You've been coming back home after midnight recently.

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