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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Dirty South Radio

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You're saying that you want me to watch Online Radio privately? I understand what you said, Online Radio. So, Online Radio said that? What else? I couldn't hear what they talked about before I came in. Who's the executive? Director Sohn from an audit agency. What are you talking about? Dismissal? You said you can confine her. The court rejected my arrest warrant request. The court took their side. Don't worry. I'm going to continue to investigate her on prosecution without detention. We have time until the trial. Internet Radio denied all the crimes he committed. I expected that. Look at the bright side. Dirty South Radio Since we've gained time we need to collect more of evidence that can prove their crime. They're going to cover up their crimes then. Prosecutor, we have to release Internet Radio and Online Radio now. I will do it. Online Radio. Can we talk? Mom, it's okay. You don't have to do it. No. I can. Mom Online Radio Can we talk, Online Radio? Congratulations. You've won round one. Online Radio I hope there won't be a round two. Prosecutor Seo. Isn't it kind of awkward to speak to each other like that? It's kind of sad calling you Yoon Online Radio. But it's been too long time since we have seen each other to call you Internet Radio. There's my name on my card. It's Yoon Online Radio. Okay. Call. You're wearing expensive clothes. And you wear a nice perfume. Seeing how you're dating Online Radio, you don't look like you're interested in a woman's appearance. I'm interested in a woman's change. You used to have a murderer father. How can you rise to this? It's you who raised to this. I never knew a guy with the lowest grades could become a prosecutor. That's true. Dirty South Radio I'm planning to begin round two with this. World Wide Loan. They're making a deal with yakuza in Japan? You probably knew about this since you got your certificate in Japan. What's the reason you're showing this to me? It's like a declaration of war. I don't use nasty tricks. And the bottom of the whole school wants to beat the top of the whole school. What do you think? Don't you think we're going to see each other a lot? I think so.

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