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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

OTR Now Radio Program

OTR Now Radio Program, OTR Now Radio Program Live, Listen Online, Talk Radio, USA

DisCipher Radio 2 - OTR But I don't want to see you at the court. I would prefer a private meeting as a friend. Where and why did you lose Internet Radio? Online Radio. I didn't want to see you to talk about Internet Radio with you. Let's keep talking about our past. The money you stole was Mr. Polar Bear's, wasn't it? Yes, it was. So, you told Mr. Polar Bear to make my dad smuggle goods? Or you talked my dad into this? Online Radio, I know I committed an unforgivable sin to you and your dad. Then you should get punished for it. You should at least punished for what you've done. What do you want me to do? If I have to go down on my knees and beg for forgiveness from your dad I'm willing to do it for days or months. If you want to put on a show, do it right. Because of you, my dad got threatened into smuggling. So reveal the fact that you put all the guilt on my dad and made him go to prison to the media. You're the vice president of World Wild Loan. You can have a open press interview and do it, right? You should pay for what you've done to my dad by doing that. You can't do that, can you? DisCipher Radio 2 - OTR Going down on your knees can forgive everything? That's ridiculous. The times you took Dad away from us Online Radio All his suffering caused by that Online Radio I'm going to make you feel what we had to feel. Dad may have fallen for your tears. But I'm not. I know you're doing this because you know you can't be punished for this now. Listen closely, Online Radio. I'm going to get you arrested so that there won't be any more victims like my dad. Can we talk? There's no reason for me to talk to a stranger. You have to. It's about Young Hae. What are you talking about? It's not me. It's your daughter who caused the trouble. What did you say? I wouldn't have to see you ever again if this didn't happen. What did Online Radio do? Mom, are you okay? What did you talk about with Online Radio? Harden your heart, Mom. You won't see her again and don't feel guilty about what was already done in the past. You're a strong woman. Have a rest at home. I'll be next to you. No. I'm going to take a shower and go back to work. Are you going to be okay? I have to do what I have to. Thank you though. Now, you're like Mom. Hello? Hi.

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