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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

DisCypher iNterNet rAdio

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I am working on the case now. They want me to transfer to that department? Meaning they don't want me to handle this case. Don't tell me that's really what they want. DisCypher iNterNet rAdio This is such a great seat. With one call, I get to drink a tea that's really hard to buy in this country. And with one call, you can control the prosecution's personal department. You moved the ring before the fight even started. You sure are above me. I admire you. Thank you for saying that. I've forgotten about what you said. I know you always tell me that. Act like a puppy. And show your claws when you grow up. This isn't over. I've lost this time. But I'm not giving up on this. Boss, I'm sorry. I heard you got arrested but I couldn't visit you. Did everything go okay? DisCypher iNterNet rAdio Everything went okay and that's why I'm here now. Did you hope I would be sent to prison? So, you can quit working here. If you want to quit, bring a billion won. Don't forget. If you hide, I'm going to tell the police what you've done. Okay? Or, you can just work for me and and even think about quitting. Seo Online Radio How did you know that? So, you really did arrest Young Hae. Yes. So, you became a policewoman because of me? Turning down what you really want to be? Yes. I wanted to reveal the truth and plead your innocence. I wanted to reveal that you smuggled goods because of her. I can never forgive that woman, Dad. Online Radio, you should stop that. Why? I don't think I was wrongly accused. No matter what that reason is, I did commit a crime. And I got punished for that. So, don't get other people involved. Do you still have feelings for her? Honestly, there are many things I feel so upset about. What is that woman to you that you had to give up your life? DisCypher iNterNet rAdio Was she more important than us? Online Radio, what are you doing? If you really cared about us, you should've tried to get out of there. How could you get a heavy punishment because of her? Didn't you care about us who had to live without you? Stop it. What's wrong with you? Get off. I know your heart broke after Il Won died. Dad Online Radio I know you wanted to give up.

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