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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Dissarranged Arrangement

Dissarranged Arrangement, Dissarranged Arrangement Live, Listen Online, Alternative Radio, USA

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But Online Radio If you really cared about us, you shouldn't have made that decision. What is that woman to you? What's that woman to you that you abandoned all of us? I said stop! He didn't choose to do that because of her. Dissarranged Arrangement It was because of me. Dad smuggled goods because of me. What? Come out. You attacked a man? And it was Jo Kwang Do's order? Yes. I had do that so I could get Dad released. But Jo Kwang Do threatened Dad using that. If cops got the video, I would go to jail. That's why Dad smuggled. That woman's debt was probably part the reason. But it was because of me, actually. He told me I should not live my life like his. How could you do that? You should've revealed the truth. You're just like the woman. You should've gotten punished for what you did. Why did Dad have to take all the fault? Out of all people, you Online Radio How could you do that to Dad? I wanted to do that too. I wanted to reveal all truth and go to jail. But Online Radio Dad stopped me. If I went to jail you would've had to take care of the family. I thought about it hundreds times and I had no choice. I could not let you carry that burden. I'm sorry, Online Radio I'm sorry. What's that woman to you that you had to give up your life? Was she more important than us? If you really cared about us, you should've tried to get out of there. Didn't you care about us, who had to live without you? Dissarranged Arrangement Online Radio This is my th letter. I understand you don't want to see me. I ruined your life Online Radio And I hate myself living my life shamelessly. You told me that I looked the most beautiful and brightest when I graduated from college. If I could turn back time I wish I could go back. I'm sorry I'm telling you this now, but I kind of knew that you had feelings for me at that time. If you had expressed your feelings for me little bit more we would've lived happily ever after with our baby by now. Why didn't I express my feelings for you first? I knew you couldn't ask me out because of the situation you were in. There are so many things that I regret now. But I went too far to change it back.

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