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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Distortion Radio Absolute Alternative

Distortion Radio Absolute Alternative, Distortion Radio Absolute Alternative Live, Listen Online, Alternative Radio, USA

I'm going to Japan soon. I probably can't live the way you wanted me to. Maybe the moment I couldn't be your woman my destiny was decided. I'm sorry, Han Joo Online Radio And Online Radio I love you so much. If there's another life Online Radio I want to live as your woman. Please be healthy. Distortion Radio Absolute Alternative Online Radio Dad Online Radio Why did you live like that? You've been worrying about others your entire life. Why couldn't you take care of your life? You're so Online Radio! I hate you Online Radio I'm sorry Online Radio But this is who I am. Dad Online Radio I know how you feel Online Radio I am so sorry. But let's just forget about it. I'm going to forget about the past too. Let's just bury it in our hearts, Online Radio Dad Online Radio This Online Radio What's this? A reminder for a loan! And the letter that says they're going to put our apartment on auction. I saw. This is why I'm packing now. Are we going to live on the street in this cold weather? Mom, Dad already got a place for us to live. Really? Where? Incheon Online Radio Distortion Radio Absolute Alternative Where? Incheon? Stop it! I moved here so we could live in Seoul. If I knew we were going to live in Incheon I wouldn't have moved from Busan! If you want to go, you two go. I'm going to stay here and live here until I die! What's wrong with you? Shoot. This is our house. I already signed the contract! We don't have to pay for the loan or Online Radio Is this really a house? Mom. Come on. Think about the house we lived in at Busan! This is a palace. Yeah. There are three rooms! We used to live where there were four bed rooms! You think this is something you can brag about? It's going to take so long to get to Seoul from here. Come on. It's right over there. Where we used to live. But the city is different! This is Gwang Yeok City and where we lived before was Teuk Byeol City! Distortion Radio Absolute Alternative, you and I can make this place Teuk Byeol City. Are you kidding me? It has never been Teuk Byeol City. Even in day time and night time. I don't even want to talk about it. I hate it. I hate it so much! I'm going to live in Seoul! The air is so bad and the land price is so high.

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