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Thursday, January 16, 2014

DJ Lex Radio

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Did you get home safely that day? Should I say I'm sad to see you or that I'm glad to see you? I thought you blocked my number because you've been rejecting my calls for the last two days. No way. I was busy with my work. DJ Lex Radio How much do they pay you? Having you as their employee should take a lot more money than I think. I think I'm paying more than you think. DJ Lex Radio Have a seat. If I say I'll pay you double amount, will you be a legal adviser for my company? As far as I know, you have great legal advisers for your company. Online Radio, they aren't very friendly to me. I need someone who can be on my side. We just met. How can you be sure that I'll be on your side? Because I'll pay you for that. In a capitalistic society, trust can be proved by money, you know. I agree, but in order to do that, I need to know more about you. In order to fight with unfriendly people for you. You will. I also want to know about you. Personally Online Radio I requested the data from Japan. It might seem like I'm just playing around but don't forget that I am doing my work as much as I can. Online Radio, can't you work harder? We have a month until the trial. What's the rush? If you were in my position, you wouldn't have much time. Isn't that delicious? I found this place through internet just for you. Don't lie to me! I found this place when I was tailing you the other day. That's what I'm saying. I had the bad fish cake at the place over there so you could have this one. Did you know I was tailing you at that time? Did you enjoy the movie? I was trying to suit your tastes. W what is wrong with you? If you want to close the distance Online Radio I like how your body comes before the talk, but how about your lips instead of your fists? Then my whole body is willing to get beaten. Yes, Director. What did you say? What are you talking about? DJ Lex Radio Foreign criminal affairs department? That's the order. I specialize in finance and tax. Why the foreign criminal affairs department? How would I know? I'm not in charge of that. If you're that mad, go talk to the head of the district.

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