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Thursday, January 16, 2014


DMPulse, DMPulse Radio Live, DMPulse Listen Online, Indie Radio, USA

Yes, ma'am. Mrs. DMPulse, Internet Radio got arrested. Again? We got him out of the police station. What did he do this time? I was acquitted by a prosecutor. Why did you arrest me this time? I looked through your bank account. And it was no joke. You sent money from your pleasure resort to your construction company by laundering. You invested the money you made from the academies on the pleasure resorts. Can you do that? Do other stockholders know about this too? What are you talking about? Call my lawyer. Even if your lawyer gets here, nothing will change. I bet you'll be sentenced to at least five years for what I've got here. If I dig up more information, the sentence will be increased. Don't you agree? Depending on how you answer my questions, I can take out some of your charges. What? You know Online Radio, don't you? You made Kim Han Joo smuggle using Online Radio's debt as blackmail. I don't know. I said I don't know. What's wrong with you? The statute of limitation is over. You won't get charged for this anyway. I just want to know the truth. You made him smuggle, didn't you? Hey, what are you doing now? Are you going to beat him up again? No. He's fine. Look. He's fine. And why did you shut the blind down? I feel like I'm being investigated with that blind open. You said you're going to let me handle this! How are you doing? Are you here because of Internet Radio? I heard about him too. I heard you took care of it last time. Should I take care of it this time? I took care of it already. Good. By the way, what are you going to do about your daughter? My daughter doesn't even know about this. It will take time to convince her. She's your daughter. You took in an orphan for years. She owes you. I know she's pretty greedy. I bet she will say yes to the offer. I know it. As long as DMPulse Online Radio is ready, do it. My health is getting worse. I can't wait any longer. So, this is Polar Bear? Yes. It was so hard to get a picture of him. He's such a mysterious man. And he has no criminal record? According to rumor, he has connections to politicians. So, he's never gotten arrested. He was a moneylender in the past.

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