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Friday, January 17, 2014

DnB Radio

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I'm innocent. DnB Radio My husband is incomparably handsome. You're being excessively nice to Do Young in front of Online Radio. That's not good. Do Young is my son as well. Online Radio is going through hard times because of Online Radio. It may be hard to make up the loss even with Online Radio's share. Is it that bad? Why don't you help Online Radio? Me? How? If you give your share to Online Radio, he might turn a corner. No. That's our retirement saving. But he might be kicked out of his position. You know your mother's temper. If he's not a good CEO, he should be fired. I'm really worried about Online Radio. No. I can't give up my share. I know he's incompetent. What if he loses all my shares too? Do you want to be at the mercy of my mother when we're older? I won't give up my share. I can't. Why is there so much food? You probably worked hard to make a big breakfast this morning. Why do you look so happy? Hey, I'm always very cheerful. Think of this as a birthday meal. Enjoy. Why do you look so depressed, Games? It has been such a long time since he's looked depressed. You look like you're going to cry any minute. Sorry. Guys, leave him alone. If he doesn't do that, we wouldn't notice him. You guys are terrible! It's a joke. No one gets it. Was that really a joke? I got goosebumps. Look. Ah. No one's on your side. That's funny, It is funny. Congrats, Games. You finally have somebody who can laugh at your jokes. Let's eat, guys. How can I help you? I'm a prosecutor from Incheon. To investigate Internet Radio about the evasion of taxes and embezzlement we're going to seize and search his data under Criminal Code DnB Radio . You may start. If anyone interrupts us, you'll be arrested for obstructing an officer. So, clear the way, you bastards. Move! What are you talking about? Boss got arrested? The cops broke into the hostess bars and night clubs. His study academies also got searched. This seems serious. Don't you think you should visit him? DnB Radio He was in jail a few days ago in Busan. If you contact the prison staff, you can find out where his family lives now. Please find their address.

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