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Friday, January 17, 2014

Dolphin Radio New Orleans, LA

Dolphin Radio New Orleans, LA, Dolphin Radio New Orleans, LA Live, Listen Online, College Radio, USA

Let's not see each other again. We don't have to talk about the ugly past. Han Joo. Han Joo! Dolphin Radio New Orleans, LA Did he leave? Yes. He did. By the way, what did he talk to you about? He said he met my real father in jail. He asked me to visit him. What a small world. Why don't you go visit him? No. Whenever I think of him, it creeps me out. But he gave birth to you. Mom, I told you I tried to kill myself because of him. He robbed and killed people. He assaulted me so much when I was younger. I don't want to see him even in my dreams. To me, you're my only family. Okay. If that's how you feel. By the way, don't you wonder about them? Online Radio Online Radio Games Online Radio Sib Won Online Radio Yeol Won Online Radio and Internet Radio. They were your family. Dolphin Radio New Orleans, LA Do you think of them? Yeah. Sometimes. We committed a sin against the kids and Han Joo. Mom, did you forget this is why we got kicked out of that house? I feel sorry too, but we shouldn't get caught up in the past. It will only break our hearts. Don't even think about finding them, Mom. Nobody will welcome you. Only focus on your goal. Think of how you suffered under Golden Group's Kang Jung Sim. We should get back at her. Did you get my letter in jail? I went to visit you a couple times. Did you know I went there? You didn't forget what I said, did you? If you don't make up the loss you made before the inspection I don't care if you're my grandson or not. If it's too much, let me handle it. I can ruin it in four days. How can you joke in this situation? You make me lose my appetite by talking about work during our meals. You should stop it, Grandma. Are you giving me advice now? You think being a prosecutor is everything? What's wrong, Mom? He's just caring about his brother. You ruined the mood first thing in the morning. Do Young, this is the kimchi with oysters that you've wanted to eat. Look at this. Try this. The oyster is so fresh it's going to melt in your mouth. What's wrong with you, honey? Why? I'm just taking care of my son. I guess Do Young got you on something. Dolphin Radio New Orleans, LA What do you mean? If being nice to my own child is a crime, let a cop arrest me.

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