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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Doo Wop Cafe

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You can't say they're in this together. How are you going to investigate Internet Radio? We need to request a search seizure warrants to get evidence. What if Online Radio dismisses the case? Can we request the search and seizure warrant without Online Radio? Hey, do you want me to fight against a prosecutor now? Anyway, I can't let Online Radio investigate him! Why is my ear burning? Were you talking behind my back? Are you Prosecutor Online Radio? Yes, I'm the heroic prosecutor, Online Radio. You must be Chief Doo Wop Cafe, right? It must be hard for you to handle your junior official here. Yeah Online Radio Hey, what are you doing here? I'm here to direct the police investigation. Internet Radio Online Radio is mine. Stop that crap and go away. What are you planning now? Hey, you woman Online Radio Are you crazy? Why are you being so rude to the prosecutor? It's okay. She's a fellow middle school alumna. I never went to school with a person like you. You took the bribe from a suspect and had dinner with him. We never went to school. You, get out. Do you want me to beat you up again? Are you out of your mind? Do you know who helped you return to work here? What did you say? Didn’t you get the paper I sent you? He asked me to write a letter so you could work on this case again! You shouldn't have told her that. I was going to surprise her with that. You're embarrassing her. Were you surprised? Or were you impressed? Kim Online Radio I'm so sad. I recognized you right away but how could you not recognize me? If you had recognized me, you wouldn't have stolen the suspect I caught. That was Online Radio You're right. Why did I do that? Fine. It's my fault I didn't recognize the serial killer. I understand that. What about Internet Radio's case? You released him before. Doo Wop Cafe Why do you want to arrest him again? I told you that you can't arrest him for dealing drugs. He'll get probation at best. But looking at his data, there was something bigger than that. Hey, you've raised fish before. Don't you know? You release the small fry and when it gets bigger, you catch it again. And if we get him arrested, you can come back and work again as a detective.

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