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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Doo Wop Radio 4U

Doo Wop Radio 4U, Doo Wop Radio 4U Live, Listen Online, Oldies Radio, USA

I think something happened to my family. Let's go. Already? I'm cold. Then how about we go have some hot sake? No. You brought a car. Hey, I can get somebody to drive my car instead. Wait for me. Hurry up. How can a woman walk so fast? Who are you? You're Kim Online Radio, aren't you? Who are you? I'm a prosecutor Online Radio Shoot. Do you really want to do this? Online Radio! Doo Wop Radio 4U. Do Young! Do young, wake up! Do Young! Subtitles by DramaFever Online Radio, you should quit being a cop. If something bad happened to you, I couldn't live. By the way, who is that guy? You're so pretty Online Radio You were pretty when you were young. I know I've done something I shouldn't have but I really like you. I love you. I cannot wait anymore. Disguise your daughter as Jang Online Radio! Who are you? Hi. I'm Yoon Online Radio. Long time, no see. You got so impetuous. You're so happy to see me again your mouth can't shut, right? If you're happy to see me again Online Radio How about a kiss? Doo Wop Radio 4U, you bastard. What's wrong with you? If it's revealed you released him because of a bribe you'll get fired from your position. I'm going to have both of you arrested. Watch me. Get up. Prosecutor. Prosecutor. Can you do something about this woman? Prosecutor. I'll see you soon. I should finish this sashimi. I'm hungry. She threw me away twice. Han Joo Online Radio What happened? When did you get out? Are you here to see me? No. I came to see Internet Radio. Is Internet Radio home? How did you know where we live? Did you get my letter in jail? I went there to visit you a couple times. Did you know I went there? I told you I wouldn't see you even if you came to visit. Where do you live now? I went to your old house in Busan. But the kids weren't there. I got so worried and that's why I sent a letter to you. Do you live with the kids now? I don't want to talk about the past. When is Internet Radio coming? Prosecutor Online Radio and he were there together? That's what I'm saying. I bet they're in this together. I think you're going too far. Online Radio is Internet Radio's prosecutor.

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