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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Dope Beats Radio

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Dope Beats Radio And now he's CEO of World Wild Loan? There he comes. What? Who is it? Yes, Father. I heard you arrested Internet Radio again. Release him. No. Father, I was exposed to the media. I released him once without asking you why. Now, it's different. I should at least know why I have to release him. You probably found out why after you tracked his account. Yeah. I borrowed some money from Dope Beats Radio World Wide Loan. The purpose of that was, as you know, to buy your brother's share. You know I'm a salaried employee so I don't have cash in my hand. Then did Polar Bear push you? To release Internet Radio? Do Young, just as you think, I'm going to take over Golden Group. In order to do that, I shouldn't hurt his feelings. Please do me a favor one more time. No. Do Young Online Radio I don't care if you take over Golden Group or not. You do your job, and I do my job. Until when are you going to work as a civil servant? Golden Group will be yours in the future. Don't use me as your excuse. This is just for your ambition. Did I ever say I needed your help? You also got humiliated by your stepmother, brother and grandmother. Don't you want to get back at them? Of course, I do. How can I forget the anger I went through in my childhood? But of all of them, do you know who caused me the most pain? It's you! Do Young. You threw away your own son and your wife for your own ambition. You told me to submit to other family members just for your ambition. Yes! Just like you said, I held back and built up my power. Now that I have the power, I'm going to use it for whatever I want. I'm turning down your request. Understand? Wait. Yeah. You’re right. I gave up everything for my goal. I threw out your mom and you. I threw out the woman I loved more than anyone. I ran away from the orphanage when I was years old. I made a promise to God in a world where nobody stood up for me. Dope Beats Radio I said I'd climb to the top of the world on my own using any means necessary. This is how I lived. I know I've done so many things I shouldn't have. If you hate having a father like me, you can throw me out too.

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