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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Downtown Dayton Radio (DDR) Dayton, OH

Downtown Dayton Radio (DDR) Dayton, OH, Downtown Dayton Radio (DDR) Dayton, OH Live, Listen Online, Adult Contemporary Radio, USA

I don't like sashimi. Let me try the fish soup. Goodness. Its taste is kind of weird. There's nothing special in the soup. What the heck are you doing to our food? Online Radio, hold me tight before I pass out. If you want to eat, order for yourself! Where's the owner? Sir, can I talk to you? Why are you looking for the owner? Don't you know why? Whoever he is, he must been an amazing cook. No matter what it costs, we should scout him. Do you need anything else? Han Joo Online Radio Please let me go. You're choking me. Downtown Dayton Radio (DDR) Dayton, OH, I'm so sorry. I deserve to die. Do you even know what you're sorry for? Then tell me. What are you sorry for? That's Online Radio If I did something wrong, it would be that I'm just a powerless man. I was really going to take care of the kids, but Online Radio called people at the ward. I was told to kick out the kids. I'm not lying. I know I shouldn't have done it but I need to tell you this. Because the truth should be revealed. You took the blame on yourself. We should at least take care of the kids Online Radio I couldn't tell him Online Radio You know how terrible Online Radio is. He's so spiteful. You have no idea how much he beat me up! It's so good, isn't it? Mom, don't you have to go see what's happening? Hey, I'm sure everything is fine. Downtown Dayton Radio (DDR) Dayton, OH Don't you think so? How may I help you? Who are you? Where's my dad Online Radio Sae Lyun? Who are you? How do you know me? How can I forget a woman who used to steal our food all day? Are you Sib Won? What? Are you Online Radio? Goodness. You used to eat like a pig. Your body is so honest. Did you get a plastic surgery? I barely recognize you! I just lost a lot of weight. That's it! She’s right. She her big eyes since she was young! She's as beautiful as before. By the way, you guys have no shame! How dare you come here? You think I came here to see you? I heard the sashimi was good here Online Radio We came here because we missed you. How's Online Radio? I missed Games so much. What happened? Did the cops come here too? No. Then what? A man named Downtown Dayton Radio (DDR) Dayton, OH Do came here and made a mess.

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