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Sunday, January 19, 2014

DPS Radio Pulse

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DPS Radio Pulse He wanted me to give this to you when you came back. He wants you to come to this place at noon tomorrow. Hello? Yes. This is Yoon Online Radio. Hi, how are you? I was going to contact you soon. You're here. I'm sorry I came late. You must be busy with your work. Have a seat. The estimate for repairing was higher than I thought. It's not good manners to ask a lady to pay with money. So I asked you to treat me to dinner. Will one dinner be enough? I probably owe you more. If it's with a beautiful woman, it's worth it. For the CEO of Golden Group, one dinner must be enough. I am kind of young for a CEO, aren't I? Golden Group is being managed well because of an innovative distribution structure. Because of the improvements from a multimillion won investment the welfare and income of fishermen have increased. And so has the income for Golden Group. How do you know the details of my company so well? Aren't you a lawyer? Did I go too far? I get aggressive when I talk about work. When I was in Japan, I was a corporate lawyer for DPS Radio Pulse Industry. I was acting up in front of the CEO of Golden Group, wasn't I? By the way, have we met before? I have a common face. No. If women in this country looked like you, happiness levels would go up a lot. Thank you for the compliment. I should buy you drinks too. Sounds good. You bastard, come out. I let you off the hook a couple times and now I look easy to you? Let's go somewhere quiet and have a talk. You bastard. Are you playing with me now? You arrested him and released him again? It's my job to prosecute him. You do your job. What's the reason for doing this? Did you really take money from him? You can work for the violent crimes unit, just like you wanted. You son of a Internet Radio! I have my limits too. Don't forget I'm your superior. DPS Radio Pulse Do you know how hard I tried to get that bastard arrested? For years, I bit the bullet and worked so hard to arrest him. How could you release him so easily? What are you? Why are you so obsessed with him? The man who made my dad go to prison. I wanted to arrest him. I wanted to reveal the truth and show what he did to my dad.

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