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Monday, January 20, 2014

Drum and Bass Lounge

Drum and Bass Lounge, Drum and Bass Lounge Live, Listen Online, Drum & Bass Radio, USA

Radio, carry me on your back. What? I don't think I'm strong enough to walk to my house. My legs are weak today. Just one time. Online Radio Yes? Do you want to quit everything here and go to the countryside? Countryside? Yeah. I can catch fish, and you can raise fish. Father can run a sashimi restaurant. Then what about the other kids? Sib Won wants to be an actress. And Drum and Bass Lounge has to graduate. He still has to take the civil service exam. Yeol Won and Sib Won can stay in Seoul. We'll visit them often. No. Families are people who eat together. I don't want to be separated anymore. The empty spot between Il Won and Internet Radio makes me so lonely enough. I feel like I won the lottery. Your back is so big and wide. I know I've done many things I shouldn't have. If you hate having a father like me, you can throw me out. I have nothing to say to you even if you want to break off this relationship. I wanted to reveal the truth and show what he did to my dad. What? Uncle Online Radio? Did he really come to the restaurant? Yes, he did. That shameless man came to the restaurant! How did he know? He said he had been looking for us or something. Do you really buy that? Sae Lyun and Online Radio came with him. Your friend, Online Radio. He got so fat! It looked like his face was going to explode any minute. So what happened? He begged Dad for forgiveness. That's his hobby, you know. I'm so glad that I didn't have to see those people. Don't be so mean to him. Uncle Online Radio is a poor man. Dad if he's poor, who else is not poor in this world? But he stayed with me when I was going through a hard time. Life treated him harshly, and people cheated him. Drum and Bass Lounge He's not a bad person though. He's the only brother I have. We went through childhood together. By the way, why aren't you eating, Online Radio? Are you sick? No, Dad. Hey, why did you come so late? Why did you turn off your phone? Why were you looking for me? People will misunderstand our relationship. It's not like I'm done with my probation, and I have nothing to do. Prosecutor Seo called.

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