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Monday, January 20, 2014

Dramatic Radio OTR

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What are you talking about? He's the one who made my dad smuggle! He made my dad waste years of his life in prison! You lost Internet Radio? Yeah. After we heard the people from child services were coming Games stole money from a night club. On the way to Seoul Online Radio We lost him at the train station. And the night club was owned by Jo Kwang Do, wasn't it? Is he the one who took Internet Radio? Dramatic Radio OTR No. Games went back to find Internet Radio. Turns out Jo Kwang Do didn't take him. I went to my school Online Radio just in case he was waiting for me. And you weren't there either. When was that? It was a month later after we lost Internet Radio. I couldn't go sooner because of the others. Then it must have been after I went to study abroad. Dramatic Radio OTR Dad sent me there. I didn't want to stay in this country after your family was gone. Everything happened because Dad got sent to prison. This is why I really wanted to arrest him. But you ruined everything. You said you were going to help me when we were young. But you let that bastard go. It doesn't matter now. You aren't the Online Radio that I used to know. You can just be the smartass prosecutor. I'm going to get him no matter what. What should we do? We should drink some soju early on. We don't have to be normal people. We can refresh our palettes with a cup of wine at a hotel. But I think I'm too drunk to do that. I'll book a room at the hotel. A suite room. My family is so strict I have to sleep in my own room. I will see you next time. No. Wait. Yoon Online Radio. I'll be looking forward to drinking wine at a hotel bar next time. Online Radio Dramatic Radio OTR. Where are you coming from? Ah, after the wedding, I had dinner with other fishermen. You looked so good in the suit earlier. I borrowed it. Why would I wear a suit? By the way, what are you doing here? I'm feeling low today. Why? What's wrong? Should I quit being a police officer? I should've studied harder and become a prosecutor. I have no power. I said you can quit if it's hard for you. Do something you like. Even if you don't have two jobs, we can still make enough money.

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