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Monday, January 20, 2014

Dubstep Hard Electro - AddictedToRadio

Dubstep Hard Electro - AddictedToRadio, Dubstep Hard Electro - AddictedToRadio Live, Listen Online, Electronica Radio, USA

Why? He said he's going to reinvestigate Internet Radio. What did you say? What the hell Online Radio Can you leave us alone for a second please? Hey, are you playing with me now? You arrest him and release him. Arrest him and release him. And you want to investigate him again? Is this how a prosecutor stabs a police officer in the back? It's not a bad thing. Wow, you skin is so dry. You need to drink more water. Hey, Online Radio! I'm going to arrest Internet Radio, who you've arrested before. But he's not the one you've been looking for. The person you've been looking for is Online Radio this person. Who is he? Park Eng, socalled Gwang Hwa Moon Polar Bear. Now, he's CEO of World Wide Loan. He was a legendary money lender in the past. Internet Radio only works with pleasure resorts and the construction industry. He's not interested in private loans. And that man is Internet Radio's boss. Dubstep Hard Electro - AddictedToRadio If Online Radio borrowed money from somebody it must have been from this man. Then we can arrest him. We can arrest him for doing shady deals with Internet Radio. We can't. It turns out he only has the title of CEO. He doesn't do any work. Now, he's in a hospital. Even if we arrest him for money laundering he can get away with it easily. No point talking about smuggling gold that expired the statute of limitations. Then what should we do? There's someone working behind him. We need to arrest that person first. Han Joo. Did you forget what I said? I said I don't want to see you again. I know but Online Radio I can't just pretend that I don't know you're out from prison. You spent so many years in prison because of me. It's what I decided. It's not because of you. I got punished for killing my own child. Han Joo Online Radio Please let me be. Wait, Dubstep Hard Electro - AddictedToRadio. I know you hate this. But with your kids Online Radio Are you going to make me mad like Online Radio? Young Hae, I've lost one of my brothers. Please don't make me give up on you. Han Joo. What are you doing now? Grandma Online Radio Am I your grandma in the office? I'm sorry, Online Radio. Are you planning how to make up the loss? Yes.

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