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Tuesday, January 21, 2014


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You have a connection to World Wide Loan. And I want a low interest. But I need permission from my superior. Who is that? I dug up some information on it Online Radio I hear that Mr. Polar Bear doesn't work these days. Did you get any? Yes. We'll get a fax from Japan soon. The person behind him is Japanese? It says the person's name is Ishiyala Dubstepfm. No. Dubstepfm According to Internet Radio, a Korean person. But he only knows the Japanese name. It's coming now. What's wrong? I'm their guardian. I'm their mother. Thank you, ma'am Online Radio Ma'am Online Radio Where have you been? Ishiyala Kyoko Online Radio Online Radio. I'm arresting you for evasion of taxes and money laundering. Do you recognize me? I never forgot about you. That's not good for your health. I caught a really important suspect and it makes me want to work! Online Radio, is there anything you want to say to me or something? N No. Hey, give me a bowl of the nurungji (crust of overcooked rice). I don't have an appetite today. Mom, you're eating nurungji now. I am. Online Radio, before you go work, give me the report on the plan to make up the loss. Grandma, I gave it to you yesterday. Didn't you read it yet? Ah, you did. Where's your boss? He said he has to go somewhere. He shouldn't leave his seat empty. Give me a cup of tea. Okay, Online Radio. Share? Yes. Find out how many shares of my company Online Radio has now. Online Radio is a salary man. He probably doesn't have a lot. There's something I'm suspicious about. And Online Radio might put out his shares. When that time comes, we have to buy his shares even if we have use the secret fund. Okay? What sunshine this morning! What a grumpy Big Bad Bear! The Big Bad Bear's not awake yet. Internet Radio What's going on? What was that call about? You can tell me. I can keep a secret. I got a call from the company I really wanted to work for. Dubstepfm Do you know Stage Plus? I do! It's a firm connected to lots of famous artists and art directors. Yes! It's the biggest company in Korea for exhibition and performances. They called you? I applied before I worked for the Golden Tree. I visited quite often. They said that they didn't have a position for me. They want you now? They told me to come for an interview. When? Today at . I sent Seo Internet Radio for an errand. She left something important at the site. I told her to get them right now. I will go first. I rode this once on my way to your place. It's full of thrill. You've got guts. Riding isn't a problem. But what about the meeting? You don't have to go. I will take care of it. What kind of a director are you? You're sending me to an interview for another place? I'm not your boss right now. I'm doing this as your friend. Go! Good luck! Bye. You don't need to go fast.

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