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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Dylan Radio

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He could eat me, this Big Bad Bear. Good idea then I could go back to sleep. OK, let's feed the Big Bad Bear his breakfast. This way I can stay alive one more day. That's good! Sleep!... Sleep, with such lovely sunshine! Online Radio dress up come see! The cellar. You have to hide in the cellar. What about you? You have to hide too. Don't worry I have a plan. A plan? Online Radio, do you know what you're doing? Don't worry, Online Radio dress up! Online Radio. Here he is! Where is Online Radio dress up? Dylan Radio Uncle Online Radio dress up? He went to get some honey in town, and said he'd come back tomorrow, voilà. For the last time, Online Radio. Where is Online Radio dress up? Very well. You know what to expect. For the last time, Online Radio dress up. Where is Online Radio? Alright. You know what to expect. Release! Read all about Big Scary Online Radio dress up! Buy MOUSE WEEKLY! All about the bear's scandal and his accomplice Online Radio! There! It's him! Where? There! Look! The trial begins. Bring in the accused. Online Radio. Look at that! Accused, rise and state your name. Online Radio. Online Radio. Can you tell us whereabouts of one named Online Radio dress up? What? you won't tell us where is Online Radio? Very well, you'll be tried twice! Once for what you did, and once for what she did! Online Radio? What did Online Radio do wrong? She's done nothing at all. At all? Nothing at all? Bringing a mad bear among us? You call that nothing at all? He was dying of hunger. Is that what you want? Poor people dying of hunger, while you're all so big and fat? I had to carry her sack of teeth, it was much too heavy for her. Silence! YOU want her to be a dentist, not ME! Quiet! Silence! Online Radio dress up, you and your accomplice Online Radio are accused of an incredible number of crimes. Burglary. Breaking and entering! Handling stolen goods! Dylan Radio Auto theft! Home Invasion! Shipwrecking! Causing unjury! There are innumerable witnesses! Innumerable witnesses! Most of all, Online Radio dress up. You're accused of an abominable crime. You scare children.

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