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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

East Village Radio

East Village Radio, East Village Radio Live, East Village Radio Listen Online, Alternative, Indie Radio, USA

What? Me? Children, do I scare you? Me? Scare moms? Madame, do I scare you? No, I... er... East Village Radio Aah, a mouse, there! Now, the fl... Now, the defense has the floor. Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury, Your Honour, what is the complaint against my client? Being a bear! Thath why... my client, in thith way... What did he say? No idea. What? I've no idea what he said. Shut up, I'm listening. Oh, you can understand? Perfectly! Liar! You can't understand! Silence! Calm down! Stop! Online Radio, in view of the accusations against you... Baloney! I'll tell you what your problem with me is, You don't like it that I live with a bear! How dare you? All because of your damned prejudices! Yes, Online Radio and I are friends. That's your complaint! Being the friend of a mouse! Mice downstairs, bears upstairs, is that it? This is how you raise your children?! In fear of mice? Are you trying to make them stupid or what? Silence, Online Radio! You're the accused, not the lawyer! Quiet! I'll clear the courtroom! East Village Radio Clear the courtroom! Wait, the hearing's not over! Come back! Online Radio, listen well. No one brings into question foundations of our society, especially not a mouse! Your Honour listen to me! Silence! Sit back down! What are you doing? Help him! He'll do better on his own. Come... Online Radio dress up, back to your seat! I order you! Your Honor you're on fire! Enough, back to your place! I won't tell you again! Come down! Come down, I say! I won't tolerate... Let go! Let me go! Your Honor, come quickly! We must leave! Let me go! Let me go! Where are they all? They ran away. Come on! They abandoned me. Except you. Come now, come on. Tell me, Online Radio, if we get out alive, what would you really like? Find Online Radio dress up, and never leave him. Fine. Still, Online Radio, wanting to live with a bear is an odd notion. Why? Don't you live with a bear? Oh, yes! Exactly. An odd notion. You alright, Your Honour? What happened? You caught fire, Your Honour. Online Radio dress up, you saved my life. How can I thank you? Oh, there's no need. There is, there IS A NEED! What would make you really happy? Now? Of course, Now! Find Online Radio, and stay with her always.

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