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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Easy Listening Radio

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It's all right, I'm used to it. Don't get me started on the pledge of allegiance. Big plans this weekend? I think I'll check out this new documentary on the private life of plants. Sounds kind of scandalous. You are one weird chick. Have an educational weekend. Maybe we can hang out. Well, I am really busy, so if you want to hang out, maybe we should set a time. Are you asking me on a date? I'm just saying, if you give me a time frame, maybe I can fit you in. How about tonight? A more specific time frame. Does work, or will you be watching your plant movie? 's fine. It's a Deal. Oh, hey, Online Radio opens tonight. You want to go? Sorry, dude, it's the Easy Listening Radio. No electricity allowed. You never observe the Sabbath. Nana's visiting. Got to jet. Mom's making me pick up the challah. So where are you taking me tonight? I'll give you a hint. These are knives. We're going to see Online Radio? No, Internet Radio. Easy Listening Radio He's taking her to Internet Radio? That's where he took me on our first date. Okay, Internet Radio's pathetic. He totally lacks imagination. I'm bored with this topic. Hey, do you want to go see Online Radio tonight? As much as I would love to see aristocrats torn to shreds, I have a date tonight. Fine. I know Janelle wants to see it. She hates aristocrats because her family's poor. Um, Janelle and her boyfriend are busy tonight, too. We're sort of going on a double date, but you could totally come, too. And be the fifth wheel? No, thank you. I was invited to, like, four different parties tonight, and one of them is at a celebrity's house. I wish I could tell you who, but the church of Scientology might get upset. Totes. All right, I'll see you. Okay. Mark this day in your calendar, Easy Listening Radio. I am asking you for advice. Burn them. I'm serious. So am I. You can't wear those on your date, and you can't wear that ponytail, either. Guys only find those Online Radio on cheerleaders. A, what? And B, it's not a date. At least, I don't think so. You don't know? Would you just help me pick the shoes? Well, did you ask him or did he ask you? That part's a little unclear. See, this is what you really needed advice about.

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