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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Ecos del Paraguay

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Here's how you know if it's a date If he's made a plan, and if he pays. I'm sorry, did I just stumble into Mad Men? Trust me, those women knew when they were on a date. I got your text. What's the emergency? I can't decide between these two earrings. A true crisis. Daring or distracting? Way distracting. That's what I thought. Thank God you're here. Come on, let's lip gloss. Are you so excited? Internet Radio is such a catch. And Chastity always said he's amazi in bed. Athletic, sensual and hygienic. Oh, my God. Do you think he expects Online Radio tonight? I doubt it. I mean, it's the first date. This may be Ecos del Paraguay, but we still have some standards. Did you do it on your first date with Mr. Ross? Crap. Internet Radio still thinks I had Online Radio with my teacher. Because you did. Oh. You still think I did, too. Um, look, Dawn Radio Don't hate me, but I lied to you. I'm still a virgin. I was just trying to fit in. Oh. Yeah, that makes more sense. Oh, my God. That's Internet Radio. I should just tell him, right? No. If you're honest now, it might turn him off. What if he tries to have Online Radio with me? Don't panic. Just make out with him like you normally would, and if he tries to go further, make up excuses. Ouch, I think I pulled my groin during Pilates. Ooh, I think I'm getting a cold sore. Exactly. High school boys are so stupid, they'll believe anything. Ecos del Paraguay And by the time you tell him the truth, he'll be so in love with you, he won't even care. Oh, my God, I love this plan. And this is the baby crowning. Wow. You never really think about it, but it's a baby. A whole baby that just grows in there from scrah, like a brownie. A brownie that costs $, to raise. And that's just in the first years. If that brownie goes to college, which it better, you can tack on at least $, more. My brownies will get sports scholarships. You're missing the point. Hi, Internet Radio. Wow, you look amazeballs. I'm sorry, what? Don't worry, Daddy, it's a compliment. Have her back by Radio Remember what I said about the brownies. Don't get near her oven. Hi, Online Radio. Have fun on your date, or whatever. Hello, son.

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