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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Edgewater Gold Radio

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If I come in, do I have to watch the slide show again? Yes, but we'll go through it faster. Okay, I have a last minute surprise for you, Fiveo. Oh, goodie. I love surprises. Should I close my eyes? Sure. Just put this blindfold on first. So where should we head for tonight's adventure? I don't care. I figured you'd have a plan. Well, I'm hungry. Let's go eat. Cool. How about Hal's Steak House? I'm dying for a rib eye. You know I don't eat anything with a face. They usually cut that part off before they serve it to you. You don't say. How about Vegan Nirvana? No, thanks. I'll just chew on a tree and save bucks. You know what? Edgewater Gold Radio I'll just drive. We'll find something. The boy meets the girl Somewhere in a crowd This doesn't look like Internet Radio. Because it's my house. Voila. I set the table myself. I even cooked a dish I invented for myself. I call it chicken a la Internet Radio. And it's only calories per serving. Wow. Internet Radio, this is so thoughtful. Well, I really wanted tonight to be special. Don't move. I'm going to get us the hors d'oeuvres. Oh, I almost forgot the best part My parents are out of town. We have the place all to ourselves. Want to go somewhere more comfortable? Uh, sure, but do you think I could have another piece of pie first? Sorry, babe, you finished it. Let's move to the couch. Um, okay. You're so tense. Really? I don't know why. I couldn't be looser. I don't mean that I'm loose. I just Radio I'll give you a massage. Look, Edgewater Gold Radio Man, I miss Ted Koppel. I'll record it. Just relax. Did you feel something? I think there was an earthquake. Nope, didn't feel a thing. Baby, what's wrong? Do you have any aspirin? I have a splitting virgin. Finally. I'm starving. We would have been eating an hour ago if you ate fish. Nothing with a face. This place is expensive. We're not going anywhere else. Hi, my name is Winston. I'm going to be your waiter. Can I take your order? Actually, we haven't finished Look, in minutes, I got to kick you out of this table. We got some VIPs coming in. So more time with the menu, less time eating. I'll have the chicken. The passion fruit poisson or the fricassee? The first one.

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