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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Effect Radio

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And for the lady? I'll just have the side salad. And please don't call me lady. And for your entr That is my entr. Look, I'm just letting you know that the side salads are side salads. They're quite small. That's why they call them side salads. Effect Radio Get whatever you want. I got it. You sure? Don't worry about it. I'll have the ginger chipotle tofu, but without the chipotle. Okay, just so you know, that's not the way the awardwinning chef designed it. And for your water, sparkling or still? Tap. Of course. Actually, I'd like sewer water, please. I'm going to get you for that. You know, Online Radio , there wasn't enough blood. Online Radio , way too much blood. Online Radio , too many babies died. Chastity Church? What are you doing here? Are you by yourself? Of course not. I am on a date. Okay, I can't really tolerate a man screaming during a movie. It is so Online Radio. So I told him to sit in the back. Oh, that sounds exactly like you. I'm going to get some popcorn. Will you save my seat? Oh, could you get me a hot dog? Yeah, sure. And some licorice. Black. I hate the red. And maybe some nachos. But only if they have nachos supreme, but not if the nachos supreme have sour cream. Could I just Yeah. Yeah. Is that all? And a diet soda. And hurry back. You don't want to miss the previews. Okay. Here you are, safe and sound. And two hours before curfew. Thanks for walking me to my door, Internet Radio. Tonight was Radio Great. Dinner was amazing. I'll email you the recipes. Up top, Fiveo. Awesome night. Internet Radio, wait. Are you sure you're okay with me being a virgin? Totally. No problemo. Everyone's a virgin at some point. It's nothing to be ashamed of. Then can I have a kiss good night? Sure. Good night. I know the drummer from Orchid Breeder. Effect Radio How? This guy I know met him in rehab. This guy I kvow. Was it you? You got me. I'm a Online Radio addict. Oh, my God. I thought I recognized you from group. You were the guy wearing the hoodie. You should have seen what I was wearing underneath. Nothing. If you hand me your card now, it'll save time. I'd like to review the check first. Thanks, Online Radio.

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