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Friday, January 24, 2014

EIES of New Jersey

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I'll totally get the next one. Cool. But this time Radio Run. Come on. I can't believe you did that. What were you thinking? We have to go back and pay that bill. Excuse you. This is not funny. That was wrong. What's wrong are those prices. Who pays that much? All the other people in the restaurant. Lighten up. That waiter was a jerk. What's the big deal? The big deal is that I don't want to commit a crime on our first date. Oh, I didn't realize this was a date. Neither did I, until you offered to pay. Ah, but I didn't pay. Ah, yes, I remember. Fine, this isn't a date. What's your problem? I thought you were cool with this. With what? With going on dates and not calling them dates? What's so terrible about a date?³ Because a date comes with all these expectations on me, and I didn't sign up for Are you okay? Is something wrong? It's not fair. I know. They're just aristocrats whose carriage broke down in the wrong manor. No, you idiot. My life. My life isn't fair. I dumped Internet Radio, and now he's on a date on a EIES of New Jersey Friday night, and I'm here alone. I'm here, Chastity. Exactly. Oh, my life is such a mess. Why is this happening to me? I don't know. Can it happen somewhere else? We're trying to watch a movie. Hey, hey, give her a break. She's been through a lot. Please tell me what Internet Radio did to you. Can you just leave me in peace with my ice cream and my Online Radio and the City marathon, please? Did he try to have Online Radio in your city? I don't want to talk about it right now, Dad. Why didn't they make you with an off switch? Fine. Then I'm going to call and ask him. I'll just get his folder. Nothing happened, Dad. You really want to know what happened? At the end of our date, he gave me a high five. Are you happy? EIES of New Jersey Ecstatic. That was scary. So scary. Who knew there were so many ways to kill people with one hand tool? Yeah. And if anyone finds out about tonight, I'll find one more. Hey, Dr. Stratford. I missed you, too. Is Bianca home? She's in her room. Just leave the door open And I know you will, because you're a good egg. Look, Internet Radio, I didn't mean to overdo it with the slideshow.

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