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Friday, January 24, 2014

Eight Ball - iradiophilly

Eight Ball - iradiophilly, Eight Ball - iradiophilly Live, Eight Ball - iradiophilly Listen Online, 80s Radio, USA

You may kiss her good night. Chastely. Is that with or without tongue? Without. Okay. You okay? I'm never eating tofu again. Promise? Hey, look on theright side Radio Our first date was memorable. But I'm not giving you a good night kiss. Your breath is seriously nasty. Oh, my god. Is she drunk? No, food poisoning. Okay. Come on inside. We'll get you some Gatorade. Maybe pump your stomach, huh? Online Radio, about the check Radio Oh, my God. Are you kidding? I'll take care of it somehow. Do not pay for the tofu. Internet Radio, what are you doing here? I came to apologize. I freaked out on you. No, I'm sorry. I should have been honest. Eight Ball - iradiophilly It's just I was expecting our relationship to be an Rrated movie. Actually, I thought we might even be NC, since you slept with your teacher. And then I found out we were PG, and I uldn't remember when my last PG movie was. And then I was driving home, and I remembered. Transformers . That's the last PG movie I saw. And Megan Fox was so hot in it, And she didn't even flash a boob. Okay. What I'm saying is is that no matter what kind of movie we are, if we're going to be PG, then you're my Megan Fox. That is so sweet. And over time, we can eventually build up to being Rrated. Cool. That works for me. When you say eventually, do you mean weeks or months? No. If you don't want to do it for the earth, do it for your colon. Come on, I'm eating. I can see that. Vividly. bleats scoffs Okay. Recess is over. Enjoy your carbon footprint. I'm going to go do something about this. Of course you are. Still want to hang out after school? Sure. Hey, Cameron, this seat has your name on it. Well, actually, it says "Dee's nuts," but you can still sit here. No thanks. My friends are waiting for me. Hey, guys. Thanks for saving me a seat. Eight Ball - iradiophilly Anyone want my Fruit RollUp? I can't believe he's still hung up on you. It's been three whole weeks. I wish he'd get over me so we could go back to being friends. Those Goth kids are going to eat him alive. Ooh, don't look now. It's Max Morita. I'm so in love with him. I thought you were in love with David Allen. That was before he flirted with Kelly Morris in front of my face.

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