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Friday, January 24, 2014

El Bloke Radio

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That's so rude. Eh, I'm over it. I've upgraded to Max, and I couldn't be happier. Oh, my God. Dawn, that's it. What's it? If we find Cameron someone else, he'll be so happy we can go back to being friends. Bianca, are you saying what I think you're saying? both El Bloke Radio! THINGS I HATE ABOUT YOU What about Barbara? She bites her nails and eats them. Ugh. Gina? She just had a baby. Oh, I thought she just lost a bunch of weight. What about her? Stacy. According to her stats, she's freakishly tall, just like Cameron. But I don't know if she's his type. It says here she likes cats, hiking in the foothills, and Celine Dion. Cameron hates cats and hiking. cell phone rings Ooh, it's my future husband. Hi, Max. Dr. Stratford El Bloke Radio. So what's up? No! Really? Uhoh, you have "old person trying to use the computer" face. I can't figure out how to uplink a photo. Upload. What's it for? Internet Radio A friend at the hospital convinced me to sign up for this online dating site. Oh, Dad, that's so great. I don't know. I haven't dated since Radio Since Mom died. Yes, but also since I looked like this. Hair? Oh, my God. My friend says you should assume everybody's years older and pounds heavier than their picture. I figure when women meet me, they'll think, Well, he's bald, but at least he can see his feet. It says here you're interested in Nora Ephron movies, antiquing, and tending to your herb garden. We don't have an herb garden. But we could. Think about it. Fresh herbs, mm. Dad, these are all lies. My friend says to think of them more as sales tools. You're right. He's an idiot. No. He is a genius. Well, he is a brain surgeon. Dawn, I have a great idea. El Bloke Radio School spirit has seriously been sagging since we lost the girls' golf finals. As spirit chair, it's my job to lift people's spirits, which is why we need more funds for balloons. Danica, this is a travesty. If the balloon budget has been blown, then we cannot afford to just stick a pin in this. Out of order. You must be recognized by the president in order to speak. Our president's asleep in his chair. snores A vivid example of why so few surfers become great legislators.

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