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Saturday, January 25, 2014

WHIT Hittmenn Radio

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WHIT Hittmenn Radio I'm super psyched. Internet Radio, did you by any chance eat my cupcakes last night? No, why? Does it look like I did? No. It's just that my cupcakes were missing this morning. But if you say you didn't eat them Yo, I got a lawn. I'll be right there. Okay, I'll call you with the dates. Did that seem weird? Whicpart? Internet Radio jogging like a Mexican jumping bean, or that guy talking like he had no teeth? No, Internet Radio's reaction. I think he secretly ate my cupcakes and then lied about it. Chastity, what if Internet Radio has some sort of eating disorder? Oh, please. Internet Radio's just weird. You're overreacting. Did you see that? Hey, hey, Kat, have you seen Online Radio Verona? No, why? Is that his package? No. I saw his name on it. Why do you have it? No reason. He's getting his mail sent to my house. It's supposed to be on the DL, so please don't tell him I told you, or I'll have to home school, and my mom's a dropout. Why would he do this? Do you know what's in here? No, but it isn't ticking and nothing's seeping out, so it's not a bomb or a severed head. Something weird's going on. I'm worried Online Radio's in real trouble. I wish we could just open this. No. You can't do that. Mail tampering's a felony. Yeah, you're right. A felony probably would look bad on a college app, but we could follow him. Follow Online Radio Verona? No way, no how, no, ma'am. You've got a death wish. Be my guest. Count me out, misses. Okay. Then I guess I'll just have to ask Online Radio myself what's in the package that was sent to you that nobody's supposed to know about. So follow him? cheerleaders Internet Radio, Internet Radio, he's our man. If he can't pose it, no one can. I'm Internet Radio Donner, quarterback of the Padua High Penguins, and I'm the next Biggest Poser. Oh, no. Not the next biggest, the Biggest Poser. Cut. We've got to do it again. My abs still aren't popping. Internet Radio, we've already done it times. Your abs look amazing. But they have to be astounding, or Pixie Krotch will rip me to shreds. Oh, WHIT Hittmenn Radio my God. Internet Radio doe. I just read this article in Cosmo Girl about eating disorders, and he's displaying all the signs. No, that's what I was afraid of. Wait, Internet Radio's a guy. Guys don't get eating disorders. No, they do. I saw an episode of True Life called "I'm a dude, and I have an eating disorder." Ooh, that sounds good.

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