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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Electro-Music Main

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Electro-Music Main Bianca Girls are like flowers. You'll never know when they'll bloom. Listen, she's too shy to talk to you, so if you're interested, you better make a move before some other guy snatches her up. Oh, gosh. A move? Which one will I pick? Just talk about Lost. She's a huge fan. Lost? So am I! My theory about the smoke monster will blow her mind. It's the spirit of the island. Electro-Music Main Great. I don't know why, but I just have this feeling you two are going to really hit it off. Thanks, B. Hey. Hi. So I hear you know something about a plane crash. So Radio You need to go after the swing votes voting is all about exploiting the weakness, desire or vanity of your target. First up: Tabitha 'out of order' Cook She's more desperate for respect than a washed up boy band. Tabitha, you are the face of student council. I mean, you make the announcements every morning It's harder than it looks. We don't even have a teleprompter. That's why I need you to be the face of "Meatless Mondays". If this thing works, it could go National. You could be interviewed on Fox News? Just picture it "Tabitha Cook, the voice of America's future". "This is Tabitha Cook". Then is our illustrious President Trey. This is how he looks awake. To see him like this, you need to get him before second period. Trey, got an idea. Sign this absentee ballot and you won't have to come to today's meeting. And I hear the surf's feet and off shore and cresting. Dude, that's awesome. I mean, it's too many damn meetings. I only ran because my friend Luke goes "Dude if you run for President, I'll lick your dogs butt.": I go: "Dude, it's on" mumbles And let us not forget Our school spirit fundamentalist. Meat is so much more expensive than even locally grown vegetables, that the savings would be enough for us to buy our very own helium tank. So then, I tell her about the helium tanks, and she says Radio "Thank God, my cheeks are killing me." Sounds like my Roast Beef sandwich days are numbered. You can kiss your meat goodbye. I still got Tuesday through Thursday. Oh, so we're not having "Meatless Friday's" too huh? So I printed this up, it's a new theory on the real reason why Oceanic flight crashed. My God, time traveling fantasy TV is so confusing. Oh, hey Cameron, we were just talking about you. Sit, Sit.

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