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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Electronic Dance Movement

Electronic Dance Movement, Electronic Dance Movement Live, Listen Online Radio, Electronica Radio, USA

Hello Ladies. Gotta a little gift for you. Oh Yeah It's your favorite! Brigadier General, Billy Mitchel. Right! From that Radio war. World War I, Stacy. She's a little nervous. Thank you so much, Cameron. I'll put them by my bed. Well, no it should really be in a climate controlled environment. You'll keep him in your special refrigeration case Stace. Oh Ok Perfect. Ok, I got a little surprise. My mom, made and extra peanut and bacon sandwich for you. She cut the crust off and put it on olive bread just like we like it. That Radio looks really good. Oh, it's so good, right? I bet it tastes better than one of those expired Dharma candy bars Hurley found in the Hatch huh? Yeah, like from "Lost", right? Uh, I can't. I can't. Electronic Dance Movement, I really appreciate the make over but Radio remember everything you told me to say and I hate bacon and Kevin deserves a girl who will treasure this Billy D. Williams action figure. I'm sorry. She just called this an Action Figure. What is going on? Did you put her up to this? I just wanted you to be happy.. Well, mission accomplished! I'm s Radio so happy. Cameron, she really was interested in you. Come on, come on. Please go my way. Hey. Want to get out of here? No now. Student Council is voting on "Meatless Mondays" Again? No it was tabled remembered? Electronic Dance Movement What? It was defeated? x It passed by votes. "Your Mondays will evermore be 'Meat free" We did it! Thank you so much! I only did it so you'd stop hounding me. I should head back inside. Before Tabitha has be drawn and quartered. Oh, yes! Can you believe this? Nice, we go now? That's it? I finally change something around here for the better, and all you say is "That's nice"? Well done mate! Cheerio! Look who's a douche now! Oh, no. I know, I know. Insert "Dead Raccoon" joke here. Dad, what were you thinking? I uploaded that picture of me with hair and then things just snow balled out of control. And the snow ball killed a raccoon and landed on head? At least it gave it's life for a good cause. I guess the lesson here is Radio honesty is the best policy. Think I would have learned that by now.

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