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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Eleven - iradiophilly

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Well my date wasn't completely honest on her profile either. I think she went to high school with your Grandfather. So, it was a disaster? You know, it was strange while I was waiting for her to walk in the door I felt excited. Your mother was the love of my life and after she died I never thought I never thought I'd want to meet someone again. But just that little spark of anticipation made me realize. Life goes on! Daddy, that's fantastic. Now please take that thing off your head an burn it. I would but it's glued on. Hey everybody! Who wants a balloon filled with this super cool helium? Eleven - iradiophilly lasagna and side salad. Um.. Smells like victory. Oh, I wouldn't know Radio I lost my sense of smell in 'Nam. Oh, I'm s Radio Because here at Padua High we know that we can't enjoy our lunch today unless we think about tomorrow This is Tabitha Cook, Voice of America's Future signing off. Ok, I need a copy of that Eleven - iradiophilly I'm sending it straight to Gretta Vansestron Cat, I so appreciate what you've done. I've always wanted to be socially conscious. And you've made it possible for me to do so. Within my existing schedule. Hey! Saving the planet shouldn't be a chore. Well, I think it's awful what Blank has done. Blank? What do you mean? Ladies and Gentlemen Radio I am a big fan of tradition I believe a man should open a door for a lady. I believe nothing says class like a white Oxford shirt. And I believe that everyone has a right to a slice a pepperoni pizza to get them through a tough Monday. Bad people have taken your pepperoni away. They are force feeding you their Hippy agenda instead. But I promise you this, I will fight for your meat! In fact, I'm making it the corner stone of my campaign for Padua High student council President. Pizza! Blank! Cat, do you want a slice of pizza? I ordered on plain cheese. I'm pretending this is your face. Cat, I told you from the start that I didn't believe in your crusade. So you helped me get it passed, just so you can tear it down? You are such a douche. Well, there's no reason for vulgarities, you got your veggies and I got divisive wedge issue to put me on the map.

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