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Sunday, January 26, 2014

EMix! Radio

EMix! Radio, EMix! Radio Live, EMix! Radio Listen online, Alternative, Indie Rock Radio, USA

It's a win, win! Yea, us! Don't try to spin this. You betrayed me. It's not personal, it's just politics Cameron, here me out. I know you are mad, but I have questions to ask you and if you never want to speak to me, fine. Did you like Stacy? Yes Were you excited about Stacy? Yes So it's theoretically possible that you could be interested in someone besides me? Yes, if she wasn't just a theoretical person. I know, I did the wrong thing Radio But I did it for the right reasons. I thought if you got excited about someone else, then you'd be happy and we could go back to being friends, and it worked! Yeah, right up until my complete and utter humiliation.. But, You felt something for Stacy. What means you getting over me Radio You know, it could have be worse. EMix! Radio She can walk off with your Brigadier General Billy Mitchell. I can't believe you really did all the research. You knows even what more unbelievable? I'm know addicted to that stupid antique soldier site on Ebay. You know. people are going to nuts on this German General Eric Ludendorf. No way! There is a Luddy up for sale? Yea. it's expires in two hours. I'm better going on that I need him to completely my depiction of the 'Spring Offensive of '. I'm missed you, Cameron. Me too. Music Playing Only if you promise no to say, "I told you so". You were right about Blank, He such a do Radio Dohaed. I gotta to stop to using that word Radio So, Blank's a douche. I told you so. I can't believe I let him use me like that Radio Well, you changed things.. Because of you, I'm eating my first soy dog. What do you think? It's not bad. But if guys hate meat so much Radio Then why it's taste like a meat? Ahh. No, I'm serious What's up with that? Well, it's not that I hate the taste Radio It's just that Radio what ever I'm seeing meat, all I see it's little face, saying Radio "Don't eat me". UN huh, And how long you been in these hallucinations? For years. But this is definitely my best one. You Radio eating a soy dog. EMix! Radio Hmm Radio I'm not going to grow Radio man boobs like the guy from Entourage right? Right? Alright, I forgot to tell you that part.

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