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Monday, January 27, 2014

Endless 80s Radio

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Don't worry, Endless 80s Radio You look great in a 'B' cup. where our models will compete to see who rocks it in the same outfit. This week, our outfit is the most unforgiving yet biker shorts. Good luck, gentlemen. Please take your places on the Poser platform. Oh, my God. Endless 80s Radio They slathered so much baby oil on Trent B., he's going to slip and hurt himself. Huh? And pose. I'm sorry, babe. I I just I can't concentrate with these cupcakes sitting right in front of me. Uhoh. Trent S. is doing that weird thing with his foot again. Still? Even after Rachel ripped him a new one last week? Radio final deliberation. Woman This is why I hate former ballet dancers who try and model. It just makes me furious. I would never book Trent S. He disgusts me. Trent S. is the light. He sparkles. He has, uh, the model essence. I would buy anything from him. My complaint with Trent B. is that there's absolutely nothing paradoxal about him. Well, I think that we have finally made our decision, so let's bring the Trents out. Internet Radio, she's announcing the winner. What's taking so long? The male that has won this week's Biggest Poser, and is guaranteed a spot on the final Pose Off, is Radio Bianca and Internet Radio Trent S. Trent S. Yes. Aspiring models, please send in your audition tapes. Let's see if you have what it takes. I've got what it takes. Hi. Oh, my God. You scared the bejesus out of me. lisps I missed you. What are you What are you doing here? Aren't you going to say hello? Hello. You've got to go now. If my dad finds you here, he'll send me to convent, and I have a real problem with organized religion. If I'm really quiet, can I stay tonight? No way. A, I'm not going to sleep with you until we talk about Online Radio and its implications, and B, when and if we do do it, it will be nowhere near my father. You said "do do." Can I just crash here? I got kicked out. What happened? I wet the bed. Online Radio, seriously. If you're going to keep talking all night, I'll just sleep in the park. No, stay. If you were horrifically murdered, it would really ruin my day. Thanks. Which side do you want? On the floor. Okay.

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