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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Everfree Radio

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I think it will end late. Tell me! How did the interview go? How can I talk about my interview to my boss? Don't talk to your boss. Talk to your friend. Give me a shot. The Royal Academy of Wales and this firm are doing a collaboration project. They are doing an exhibition with the artists from Asia. They need someone to work from the London office. And you got in? I will start at the bottom. That's good! Congratulations! Of course it will take time for you to adjust, but this is a good opportunity! It's a two year contract for now. I will have to leave next month. I will bring kimchi and visit. What's wrong? I have a lot of debt to this company. Everfree Radio I will pay that back for you. Internet Radio Pursue your dream. Even if you go and fail there, it's much better than not going at all. Learn from my experience. Hey! Is something wrong? You look like you're preoccupied with something. It's killing your dance moves. You can tell? It shows. My father keeps on asking when I'm making my debut. They are not saying anything. You can't do anything if you're worried about that. All you can do right now is dance like you're crazy. Wow! You sound so mature. Don't dance to the music. Think that your body is making the music. Hi. I didn't know which one you'd like. Take a look. Did you take the patch off your back? I will keep my hands up. Forgive me. I will do this until the morning. Everfree Radio What about work? What work? My girlfriend is angry. Let me see your back. I will put on the patch for you. Does it hurt around the scar? They say there's nothing wrong at the hospital. I think it's psychological. It's good. I have something to tell you. I applied to a firm before I started working here. It's the biggest performance and exhibition company in Korea. They didn't have a position back then. But now they do. What did they say? I'm sorry. I was selfish. I didn't even care to find out what you wanted. I told you to work at my firm because I wanted to see you everyday. I also had to pay you back. That was an excuse. I won't see you at work everyday Online Radio but I want you to do something you like.

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