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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Eureka Ch68

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I just need to get there by . As for the opening, we prepared the following. As you can see on the screen, we will get a popular singer Online Radio Our target segment is the young adult group. [Internet Radio] Yes! Good! I like it. You were against it. Are you sure? Yes! Next is Online Radio You came to my lecture last time. Yes. It's an honor to see you again. There are documents in the shelf second from the top. Check them out. Seo Internet Radio! I let you escape. You owe me lunch now. Seo Internet Radio! Can you stop being so clumsy? I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Be careful next time. Yes sir. Okay! Did you want soup? Yes please. One!, Two! Your Highness! Please reconsider! Please reconsider! Hello? Is this Internet Radio? Who are you? I'm Han Online Radio's secretary. I need to see you. What? I can't hear you. Who's talking on the phone there? You work alone? I have someone who helps me. The soup is really good. It tastes just like what my mother made me back in the days. That's because I don't use MSG. Don't you have a son? How did you know? You look like my friend's mother. He was really smart and good looking. I don't have a son. That's strange. You really do look like her. Please enjoy your meal. My friend had a brother. His mother was also famous for her beauty. I found out later that her family became a wreck. I don't know why that happened. Is your son's name Online Radio Han Online Radio What was his name? Han Online Radio Han Kyoung Jin? No. No. Oh yes, you said that you didn't have a son. I'm sorry. They say I have to eat a lot of eggs. That will get my brain working. (Apprx. $) [Thank you for the hearty meal. Baek Sung Joo.] I think I found the right place. I will come back again. Did you not come to the meeting because of me? No. You don't trust me? Are you concerned about Baek Sung Joo from this morning? What are you talking about? I'm going to put my hands in Lee Jae Hee's shirt in the office. So don't get any wrong ideas. I'm sorry. Let's not talk about this again at work. I have plans tonight. I will go to your place after. I have plans tonight.

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