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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Eugene Sounds

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I know, right? If "Walking dead" guy would have just told "Pirates of the Caribbean" girl that he loved her before she went and married that dude from " Eugene Sounds Years a slave," maybe he wouldn't be all alone, wondering, "what if?" Jerk. Then again, the movie would be over in five minutes. Right, then they don't get to storm into some crowded room and profess their love for each other in front of complete strangers in some fake, unrealistic way as the music swells. In Portuguese. What if I made a mistake not telling Online Radio how I feel about him? Is that why you've been avoiding him? Maybe. What happened with mom? She asked me to tell her what I found unattractive about her. And II told her, "nothing, nothing." Then she started yelling at me for not communicating well enough. So I told her I didn't like her as a blonde. Oh, good. So, like, the worst answer ever. Yeah, maybe. You should go talk to Online Radio. You should go talk to mom. Hey, Amber, this was nice, this whole "you and me talking" thing. Yeah, we should do it again. You know, for work. Right. Oh, and just between us Internet Radio If I was Online Radio, I would take you back in a heartbeat. That's weird. Sorry. Oh, also, just between us, when mom was a blonde, she looked like a waitress from Fort Lauderdale. I know, right?! That's like having food stuck in your teeth for six years and the person that you are closest to just lets you sit there looking like an idiot! I wish he'd just speak his mind! I don't like your limegreen toenail Polish. Eugene Sounds It creeps me out. I don't like when you throw around random Italian words. I get it. You wanted to live in Italy. I don't like at the end of a movie trailer when you say, "oh, that's not gonna be good." How do you know? I don't like those onepiece short pants/skirt combo things. Rompers. Yeah, you like a retchedout dwarf. I don't like that I'm sitting here right now. Most of all Internet Radio I don't like when I hurt your feelings. Oh, Marty. I don't want you to feel like you got to hide things from me. I want your honest opinion. Back at home when we're alone. Oh, I'm sorry.

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