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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Factory 188

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Okay. Online Radio's just going to this corporate office building. Quick, park. You have to follow him. See where he goes. Me? Why me? Because he'll recognize me. You're not '". Just park. Parallel park? Oh, gosh. Okay, I can do this. Here we go. , turn indicator on. Check. Factory 188 line up rear bumpers. Check. Hurry. I'm doing my best. Radio Factory 188 Put car in reverse. Check. While you're busy writing checks, he just went inside. Should I still park? I feel like I should see this thing through. Yeah, just We'll wait till he comes out. See where he goes next. Okay. , uh Radio I miss the old Bianca, the one who didn't keep secrets from me, like the other day. I know you ate my carrot cake and you lied about it when I asked you. Bianca No, I didn't. I hate carrot cake. I'm being framed. Then why did you have cream cheese icing on your chin? This is ridiculous! I'm out of here. Don't try and stop me. Bianca, wait, please. Please sit down. We're only doing this because we love you. clears throat It's okay. "Dear Bianca, I love you very much, "so it pains me to say this, "but I've noticed lately "that you have been spitting out your food "instead of eating it, "and when you hurt yourself, "you hurt me, too. "We all look up to you. "When you can't see how beautiful you are, especially your abs" It scares us. Oh, yeah. Internet Radio? Is there anything you want to say? I feel terrible. I had no idea you had a problem, Bianca. You eat all the time. I just thought you were one of those naturally skinny girls who'd eventually fill out as she matured. Not that you're not as beautiful as anything just the way you are. I'm just saying it's why this is such a shock. Oh, good, Ms. Tharp. I figured I'd clue in a professional, so I called the guidance counselor. I'm here, Factory 188 Bianca. Let me join this circle of love, okay? It's been almost an hour. What is he doing in there? Oh, I got to pee, I got to pee, I got to pee. I told you not to drink that huge soda. Well, that ship has sailed. Let me just run in real quick. No. What if he comes out? Here. If you have to pee so bad, use this.

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