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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Faith Talk Web Radio

Faith Talk Web Radio, Faith Talk Web Radio Live, Christian Radio, USA

Are you kidding? I just started using public restrooms a year ago. Hi. I need a hydrating concealer in light beige, unless you think I need a medium beige. Just give us a minute, ma'am. Look, my mom loaned me the car. The least we can do is make a sale. Everything's in the back seat. Where are you going? Into the bushes. I appreciate the soda cup offer, but I want my first time exposing myself to be with someone special. So light or medium? Do you have your color wheel? No, but I'm thinking light beige. Unless I find medium first. Oh, my goodness. Your giant sales associate is urinating in the bushes. This is not your toilet, Faith Talk Web Radio young man! He's not peeing. He's collecting samples for our organic line. Here you go. Free gift, new customer. Oh, thank you. Awesome. Do you have a card? Byebye now. Byebye. What? You followed me? No. This is just my new afterschool job. So you're stalking me now? Look, we're not stalking you. Cameron and I just have a lot of questions. No, I don't have any questions, not a one. In fact, I have answers to homework questions. I'm going to go sit in the car. Where are you going? See, this is why I had to follow you, because any time anybody wants to talk to you, you just walk off. I was at my therapist's office. He's really good. You want his card? Therapist? I thought You thought what? I was going to my secret crack den so me and my baby mama could tat each other up? No. I don't know. Why are you seeing a therapist? Let's just say I'm not really having a Josie May day. Faith Talk Web Radio Online Radio. Kat, I'm going to take off. Can I get that visor back? Bianca, sweetie, how long have you been struggling with this problem? I don't know. Not that long. It's okay. You're in a safe zone. Thanks, but I'm kind of ashamed. I'd rather it just be my friends. Why don't you think of me as a friend who happens to have a Master's in counseling? Now, I've got a secret for you. Believe it or not, I have also had my battles with selfesteem and body issues, so I totally get where you're coming from. Now, I would like to introduce you to mirror work, which changed my life.

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