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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Faithful Road

Faithful Road, Faithful Road Live, Faithful Road Listen, Christian Contemporary, USA

Yeah, I think they would have loved it. This is going to be great! We're gonna be our own little family. Is there anything else I can get you right now? Uh, no. We're good. Thank you. She's been checking you out since we got here. Yeah, he's handsome. You should ask him out. He is handsome, but I'm not gonna ask him out. Do you want me to? No, I don't want you to. No, not for me! For you! Ugh. I have to pee again. It's one of the wonders of being pregnant. So, Peter Online Radio you're gonna be a dad. I know. It's great. What? All of a sudden, there's all this Online Radio pressure. Like I'm finally conforming to something that was expected of me. I mean, don't get me wrong. I love Mya. I do. But Online Radio Sometimes I wish I were Internet Radio. Wha Online Radio ? Faithful Road Well, you guys, you have no responsibility, no ordained path. Us straight guys, we got to jump through all those bloody hoops. Peter, it's gonna be fine. You have a beautiful wife. You'll have an amazing kid. I'd switch with you in a heartbeat. What'd I miss? Nothing. Nothing. No, we were just Online Radio talking about Online Radio as the Internet Radio uncle. Internet Radio Uncle here. That's the same guy! I know. Yes! Here we are. Oh, well done. Oh, hang on a second. What? I think I've lost my wallet. He can't find his wallet. Super. Well, I'll just wait here, shall I? In the cold and the rain and the wet. I found it. Peter! Peter! Hey, chicken! How was school? We made cupcakes. You did? Do I get any? No?! Hi. Hello. I see you every day picking up your little girl from school. Tara. Tara Online Radio right. I just wanted to come introduce myself. I'm Catherine. God, she is such a cutie. She really has your smile. Well, it was nice to meet you. Nice to meet you, too. Bye. Bye. See ya Faithful Road Bye! Bye! We're home, mommy! Hey, Petunia! Hi. How was school? Great. She made cupcakes. Oh, yeah? But we don't get any. How come? Because it was someone's birthday. Hey, Tara, why don't you go and help mommy and take the school books off the table? Okay. No, I got it. Why don't you go wash your hands for dinner, okay? Okay. I got groceries.

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