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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Family Radio West Coast

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I now Online Radio you husband and wife. Thanks. Oh, wait, wait, wait, wait! What? What, what? What? Come here. What? Ohh! Online Radio. You're pretty light for a lesbian. Asshole! Wait, Online Radio, oh! Oh. I mean, ohh! Hello, wifey. This one or this one? Online Radio. That one. The other makes you look too Internet Radio. I like this one. Online Radio! What? Go. Close the door! Come on, Internet Radio. So, how was school? Great. Hey! Wondering when we were finally gonna get to meet your wife. Sorry. This is Catherine. Family Radio West Coast Hi. I'm Internet Radio. Hi. We were trying to figure him out for weeks. We called him the dill. Nice to meet you. Yeah. Nice to meet you. I'd better go. Right. I'm hungry. You ready to ace this test? What's "ace" mean? It means we're gonna get every answer right. Okay. %. Ready, Online Radio Ready, Online Radio. Okay, what's this. Uh Online Radio Mommy, I don't think we'll get this one right. Deltoid. That's an easy one. It's the shoulder. What's this? Arm. That's the bicep, which is connected to the flexor digitorum superficiInternet Radios. The arm. What's this? Nose. Well, this is totally useless. You want me to help? Please. This is why I could never be a nurse. There's no way I could learn all this stuff. So, Internet Radio Online Radio is it true that dress sizes have been artificially lowered to make us think we're skinnier? Yeah. Actually, they've been doing that for years. You know what really gets me, is the size zero. I can't believe anybody falls for it. I mean, surely you would just make the adjustments in your head and figure out you're exactly the same skinniness or fatness that you were before. Do men notice dress sizes? I do. Uncle Online Radio? Yes, Tara? Are you and Internet Radio married now? Why would you say a thing like that? Because I saw matching rings on your wedding finger. Ring finger. They just got similar styles, honey. Well, she's gonna find out at some point. Find out what? Uh, me and Internet Radio are married. But you like boys. Right. Family Radio West Coast Um, but we're not really married. Sweetheart, you remember when I told you that Uncle Online Radio is originally from England? You said he was from a island off the coast of Europe. Yeah Online Radio England. Even though Uncle Online Radio has been in this country since before you were born, he still has to get special permission so that he can stay here. Stay here? Mmhmm Online Radio in America. And they told him recently he couldn't stay here anymore. You're leaving?! I'm not leaving. I promise.

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