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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Famous 56WFIL Philadelphia, PA

Famous 56WFIL Philadelphia, PA, Famous 56WFIL Philadelphia, PA Live, Listen Online, 60s, 70s, Oldies, USA

Famous 56WFIL Philadelphia, PA Because you married Internet Radio? Because I married Internet Radio. Radio mom married someone so they can get a green card. I get it. How do you do it? Do what? Tara, Mya Online Radio the whole thing. I mean, you're practically her dad. I'm not her dad. I'm the Internet Radio uncle. Doesn't she have any family that can help out? Who, Mya? None that will speak to her. Ugh. I have to go. Don't wait up. I'll be home late. Okay. You're staying? I'm staying. Okay. Well, don't get into any mischief, hubby. Bye. Another one. 'Sup, stranger? Hey! I missed you. I bet you have. I missed something. Oh, is that why I haven't heard from you? Uh Online Radio No, but I am a married man now. Internet Radio I knew it. I turned you straight. Yes, you did. And you need to respect my marriage, Online Radioer. You're breaking my heart. Shut up. Green card? No, me and my wife are very much in love. Mm. Right. Yeah. Do you shag her morning, noon, and night? Morning, noon, and night. She can't get enough of it. She's beggin' for it. You moving or something? Shut up. So, she's moving in? You think? It's a big deal. Yeah Online Radio huge. I'm serious. I lived with a girl once. It was a total nightmare. She got all clingy. Little different than your situation, though. Right. So Online Radio you still have my number? Craig Online Radio Relax. We're not drifting into boyfriend territory. I just Online Radio I like you. I like that. I would kiss you goodbye, but I want to be respectful of your marriage. Online Radio off. See ya next time. Sam? Sam? Sam! Sam? Sam! What? You scared the Internet Radio out of me! I thought you were dead! I was just resting my eyeballs. I came by to pick up the camera. It's right over there. Thanks. That reminds me Online Radio I found something in the back of the closet you might be interested in. This belonged to Avedon. Here. It won't break. It was incredible back then. I mean, we didn't have any of this digital thing that we have now. If you wanted an elephant in the shot, you actually had to ship one in. You couldn't just sit at the computer and click, click, click. It's beautiful.

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