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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Fat Music Radio

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Yeah. She's seen a thing or two, this one. You really should be shooting again. You know, I always said you had an eye. Right. I'm off. Oh, Online Radio! I'm having some friends over tonight for cocktails, and I'd love it if you'd come. It won't just be a bunch of old farts, like me. Bring the wife. Okay. These are the folks I was telling you about. Hi, guys. I want you to meet Mano Alfaro. Fat Music Radio He's my architect, and he's from Spain. We've met before. Yes, we have, at the, uh Online Radio The gallery. Right. Yeah. The night Internet Radio threw up on my shoes. Thank you for reminding me. How are you guys? We're great. Sam, you were at the stonewall riots? Oh, yes, my dear. I threw the first shoe. Show me the other one. I will. I keep it by the bed at all times. So Online Radio So Online Radio I was hoping that you would come back that night after you helped your friend Online Radio Internet Radio? Yeah. Sorry. My English is not so good. It's perfect. Yeah. Oh, wow. You're Online Radio Yes. To Online Radio Yeah. Oh, I Online Radio There was a problem with my Online Radio Green card. Exactly. Wow. So, you, um, build buildings? Design. Right. Um, are you more of an officeblock kind of guy, or do you design homes? Homes, mainly. I used to Online Radio I've done a few buildings, but it's so sucking, you know, it's Online Radio "So Online Radio so sucking"? Soul sucking. Yes, both of them. So, are you really from Spain, or you just bring the accent on? Oh, no, I just put this on so I can pick up married men. Well, uh, it's working. Wow. Yeah. You live here? New York? Yeah. Um Online Radio since I was . Oh, wow, that's a long time to be away from family. Yeah. Are you on holiday? No, I have a place uptown. Oh, cool. Yeah. You want to go outside and get some air? Fat Music Radio Yeah. Me too. So, do you have a green card? Actually, I was born here in America. At St. Vincent's hospital. No way. So you are an American. I'm a citizen, yes. My mother's an American. So you're faking the accent. No. My mother met my father when, uh, she was stationed in Madrid.

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