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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

FatCat Radio

FatCat Radio, FatCat Radio Live, FatCat Radio Listen Online, Blues, Rock, Indie Rock, USA

So, how old were you when you moved to Spain? . Wow. America was just a dream, you know? I heard all about it from my mother. She used to tell me these fantastic stories about Online Radio hot dogs and skyscInternet Radiors and subways. Couldn't wait to leave Spain. And you come here, and after a while, it's just Online Radio hot dogs and skyscInternet Radiors and subways. Do you miss Spain? I miss my family. Sometimes I wish I could throw a rope over the ocean and pull Europe closer. Anyway, I'm talking off your ear. No, no. I like it. Mano! We need you in the kitchen! Excuse me. Yeah, yeah. You're leaving so soon. Yeah, we have an early call time. Well, can I get your phone number? I will be outside. Um, how about you give me yours? You don't want to see me again. No, FatCat Radio Mano, I do. It's just, you seem like a great guy. My life's complicated. Online Radio, we're not gonna get married. I just want to go out sometime. That's my business card. Thanks. I hope you use it. Did you call him? Call who? Come on, Online Radio. You couldn't take your eyes off him the whole night. Was it that obvious? He's a good guy. FatCat Radio Sam, I can't date someone. Why not? It's all right for a few weeks, and then they find out, and Online Radio Besides, I don't want Tara to be introduced to a string of guys. Oh, stop using the kid as an excuse. I met Harry in the 's. We lived together for years, until he died. And dating back then was tough. We had to keep it hidden. But when I first saw him, I thought, "my God. There he is. He's the one. " And he was. But only because I took a chance. I let myself be loved. It's not easy. But if you find love, true love, even once in this life, you're a lot luckier than most, Online Radio. Sam, that is the most beautifulest thing I've ever heard. Shut it, you little Internet Radio I'm hanging up. 'Sup, stranger? Hey. You don't write. You don't call. I was beginning to think I wouldn't see you again. Here I am. Do you want to Online Radio Take this back to my place? Yeah Online Radio I mean Online Radio I do, but Online Radio hey, don't get all sappy on me.

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