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Thursday, February 6, 2014

FDNY: Bronx, The Bravest

FDNY: Bronx, The Bravest, FDNY: Bronx, The Bravest Live, FDNY: Bronx, The Bravest Listen Online, Talk Radio, USA

She's gonna be fine. I got you some coffee. Oh, Christ. I need a shower. You're fine. Have you eaten? I went to my favorite deli. I got you a bagel. Thank you. Oh, and I got you some clothes, too. We're about the same size. I got Mya some stuff, too, but I don't know what size she is. Where did you come from? Spain. La Rioja. La Rioja. Mano Online Radio this is my life. With Mya and Tara and homework and sleepovers and emergencies and monsters under the bed. I like your life. You do? It's life, no? Homework, sleepovers, FDNY: Bronx, The Bravest monsters under the bed. Maybe not monsters under the bed. Okay, well, maybe not monsters under the bed. Do I smell? Yeah. But it's okay. Where'd you get that scar? My father caught me in bed with the neighbor's son. Did it hurt? Not as much as the fact that I haven't talked to my father in years as a result. He doesn't approve of my life choices. That's too bad. Family's important. Morning! Hey. You hungry? Yeah. I thought we'd get pancakes at that place. Sure. Whatever. You okay? Yeah. I'm fine. Pancakes. Yeah. I'll go get dressed. Okay. Eugh! Do you want kids one day? I don't know. It's not really something I've thought about. I mean, I know you have Tara, but Online Radio Do you want your own? Is that a loaded question? Quit it. Internet Radio What? It's evil ex. Internet Radio Internet Radio. Online Radio. I hear there's congratulations in order. Don't worry. I'm not gonna call immigration. How are you doing? Good, actually. You guys enjoying the married life? Yeah, it's great. FDNY: Bronx, The Bravest Well, you both look good. Must be working for ya. Christina, I'm Online Radio Unhunhunh. I didn't want to ruin a perfectly lovely day with you and your husband. I just wanted to come by and say hi. Take care of yourself, Internet Radio. Online Radio. You okay? Yeah. I'm fine. This is from my family's vineyard. It's a pretty good year. It's the year I moved to America. Sam, you want to do the honors? I would love it. Please. Great nose. Spectacular color, lots of black. Very fruitforward Online Radio black cherry, persimmon, earth, bark, cinnamon Online Radio and a Online Radio whoosh of hInternet Radio.

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