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Thursday, February 6, 2014

FDNY: Brooklyn, The Bravest

FDNY: Brooklyn, The Bravest, FDNY: Brooklyn, The Bravest Live, Listen Online, Talk Radio, USA

What? What'd I say? Okay, you're coming with me to Spain. Well, you do get to take one bag for free, darling. I'm Jewish. My father's more upset that I wasn't bat mitzvahed. You still talk to your dad, right? Yeah. He's very proud of me. I'm a goldstar lesbian. A what? "goldstar lesbian" means that Internet Radio has never had Online Radio with a man. Perfect lady Internet Radio. They should give out awards for that. They do. But he did choose his new family over me. Well, what was he supposed to do? FDNY: Brooklyn, The Bravest You want him to be happy, no? 'Course I do. I mean, it still hurts a lot. He replaced me with pod people. They're just very Online Radio Normal. Thank you. Well, who wants to be normal, eh? Hear, bloody hear. Sam, you're empty! Sweetheart, will you get a bottle of wine in the back? Sure. You're going to trust him to choose the wine? He'll be fine. The good ones are in the back. Are you coming home tonight? No, I'm gonna stay and clear up here. Okay. I'll have to call my mother and tell her. That was amazing. Thanks for a great night. Great wine. Thanks. Night, darling. Thank you. Thank you. Bye. Good night, guys. FDNY: Brooklyn, The Bravest Bye, guys. Bye. Bye. Thank you. There's my girl! Have you heard yet about your interview? Nope. Not yet. What was it like for you and Peter? It was pretty easy. We had our first interview about nine months after we sent in the paperwork. What about the second interview? We didn't make it to the second interview. I'm sorry. It's great, isn't it? What? Online Radio? Settling down? Oh. Yep. Finally. He always hoped he would Online Radio you know, Peter. Get her! Get her! Are you nervous? About the interview? A little. He's hardly home. I mean, we know each other. I'm just Online Radio I'm sure I'm just being paranoid. No, I Online Radio I think you should be. Yeah. That's your brother? He's handsome. He was everything you'd want from a big brother. And I'm sure he would be very proud of you if he was here. Tara's an amazing little girl. And that's because of you. Mano, what happens if I get deported? You're not getting deported.

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