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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Feel Good Rock

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Yeah, but what if I do? What if I have to go back to England? Then I'll come with you. Come here. Now come on. Up you get. And take these pictures with you. Come on. Come on, come on, come on. I want you to put some pictures up. Isn't that a big deal? I can take it. Okay. I even got you these. You are too funny. No, wait. Just Online Radio Let me just Online Radio one last look before you Online Radio Okay. Do it. Okay, you can look. Beautiful. Okay. My turn. Okay, more. Okay. Hello? Hi! I'm good. Yes, he's treating me well. Stop it! I can't wait to meet you, too. Your mother Online Radio mum says she can't wait for us to go visit. Yeah, I can't leave the country until I get my green card. I know it sucks. You can't come here? I'm sorry to hear that. Feel Good Rock Uh Online Radio uh, one second. One second. Oh, my God. It's your dad. She said he's not feeling very well. There's always something wrong with my dad anyway. Stop it! It's Mya. Stop it! Stop it. Hello? Yeah. Of course. Of course. Okay. Okay, bye. Everything okay? Want to come to a slumber party? A slumber party? Yeah! Yeah, let's go! Stop! It has an unbreakable probe that uses disposable combs. Are you Mrs. Online Radio? Uh, yeah. We're from immigration and customs enforcement. We need to come in and ask you a few questions. Okay. Is Online Radio here? Uh Online Radio no, he's not. W Online Radio what are you doing? Don't you need a search warrant for this? We're immigration, Mrs. Online Radio, not the police. When will your husband be back home? Uh Online Radio I don't know. Well you may want to call him. Online Radio, the I.N.S. are here. I don't know. They want to see you Online Radio us. Feel Good Rock I don't care who looks after Tara. You have to come here now. Please repeat after me, I declare under penalty of perjury Online Radio I declare under penalty of perjury Online Radio That the following is true and correct. That the following is true and correct. Your husband's visa was denied. Yes. Were you engaged to be married before the visa was denied? No. What's your maiden name, address, and date of birth? Internet Radio Federman, west th street.

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