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Friday, February 7, 2014

Fermigraph Talk Radio

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Apartment J, New York, New York, . Your wife's date of birth? Uh, April , . April , . What was the last meal you had with each other? Uh, ItInternet Radioan. Takeout. Yeah, more specifically. Chinese. Where'd you meet your wife? N.Y.U Online Radio through friends. N.Y.U Online Radio the darkroom. Who sleeps on which side of the bed? I sleep on the right. I sleep on the left. I sleep on the left. N Online Radio n Online Radio n Online Radio no, sorry. I sleep on the right. I always get that confused. What's your husband's favorite food? Spanish. He likes Spanish food. Spanish. Are you circumcised? Is your husband circumcised? Fermigraph Talk Radio He's English. I'm English. You're free to go. What? Yeah, you can go. You'll have another meeting in about six months. Internet Radio! Don't, Online Radio! Don't! Do you have any idea what that was like for me? I'm sorry. I didn't know they were gonna come to the house. Do you even care about this marriage? Of course I do. That's the wrong question. Do you even care about me? 'cause I think that all you care about is what you can get from me and this marriage. That's not true! Of course I care about you. Mya needed me. You are never here anymore, Online Radio. The second Mano came into this picture, you just disappeared. I'm sorry. I trusted you. I trusted you with my life. I can go to jail because of this. Internet Radio! Don't touch me! He's gone all the time, and it's really freaking me out. I mean, I know he has a life, but Online Radio thanks. Fermigraph Talk Radio He's basically moved in with him already. I'm afraid the I.N.S. could come back at any time. I just don't know what to do. Al, it's not the s. If you're not happy, you can get a divorce. What? What about Tara and Mya and Online Radio Internet Radio, think about this logically. You can go to federal prison if they find out this is a fraudulent marriage. I know he's your best friend, but you have to think about what's right for you, okay? He can find somebody else. Hey. Is he really worth the risk? She won't even talk to me. Give her some time. She'll come around. Mano! What if somebody sees? We'll tell them we're European.

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