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Sunday, February 9, 2014


FLN-Christmas, FLN-Christmas Live, FLN-Christmas Listen Online, Christian, Religious Radio, USA

More of an eggplant I think. Is Emile in? I have something for him. No, I guess it is kind of an eggplant. Oh. The new Melies film! FLN-Christmas Mmmhmm. He'll be so excited, it's his idol. Hey, Emile! Oh! Hey, Raoul! Catch this! Oh! Oh, that's embarrassing. Hey You! "oh! Come on, come on. Quick. Okay, not looking. I can't see anything now. Come on, come on! Going somewhere, Emile? I have to go to Barbers to buy a new belt. Obviously. Oh, no, no. A belt for my projector. Since when do you put pants on your projector? Pants on my projector? FLN-Christmas Yeah, because uh... Never mind. Do you need a lift? It's on my route. Catherine is right... Oh! Catherine! Come on! Could you stop the... Sorry! Come here! Come on, bad truck! Come back. So, I'll see you later at the screening? Yes. Uh, yes, you will. You know, Maud, I was wondering if... If you don't mind... Uh, maybe... Maybe you would... Yes! Of course I would. You would? Ah, yes, yes... That! Well, yes, of course... I mean, thank you. Uh, here. Thank you, Maud. Um, anything else, Emile? Yes. Uh... Well, I thought perhaps after the screening... Emile, buddy! Let's shake a leg. I'm on a schedule here. You'll have plenty of time to woo Maud when you're back. Bye! Well, thank you very much, Raoul! Well, you're very welcome, Emile. FLN-Christmas Uh, for what? I was talking to her and you ruined it! You little devil, you! Let me pinch those cheeks. You finally decided to ask her out, didn't you? Well, no, it's so complicated. What's so complicated? You ask her out, she swoons. She says yes, you swoon back. Deal sealed. You're on a date. It's not that simple. Every time I see her, my tongue kind of gets glued to the top of my mouth. Which is why you write her a letter. The only thing you have to glue then is an envelope. A letter. That's not a bad idea! Of course that's not a bad idea. It's a great idea. I had it! I'll help you if you want. I got a way with words as you know. Well... I do know. But do you know much about love, Raoul? Do I... Oh, you are adorable. Do I know about love? Do you have any idea what they say around Paris? When Raoul is on the prowl, the kitty cats all meow! Oh.

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